Reminisce Isle

By Allijah   

My memories of you have lived so long
They've grown so large
They have their own island
And I live there

I try every day to go to the highest peak and jump off into an abyss of forget
But the grass of the island
The thought of not having this grass touch my feet again causes me to weep
So i let the grass pull me in

It wraps around my lips
Reminding how yours felt on mine

Then it curls around my hips
The way your fingers would caress those sacred places...

It gets tighter around around my wrists
The way you would hold them when you didn't want me to leave...

Then lastly my feet, the tightest
Because when you were around I never wanted to leave your presence

Now I live on this island
Stuck in the grass staring at phone
Waiting for you to visit

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