Cardinal warbles at eventide, cormorant roves by the riverside;
Bridleway glistens with hoar frost and,
Snowbrowth to carpet the meadowland.

Gossamers clinging to undergrowths, cyclamens blooming in winter snows;
Rivulets burbling, pas*erines chirruping,
Hel*ebores flourishing, northern stars shimmering;
as I, lay dying.

Erelong doth spring come hither,
So long as departs the winter.

O, Begone! Though it might ne’er be gone,
“Anon, anon, it would not last an aeon.”

Dayspring arrove yet the glim lingers on,
Bask in the sun to muse on days bygone.
Once a damsel, now a missus;
All I crave is nobbut a buss.

Farewell, farewell,
My erst adored demoiselle.
It’s time to forgo
And envisage the morrow.

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