Remote Imminence

It's tearing me apart,
Ruining every page I write
Mingling ink with tears
Diluting the blue...
As I ponder,
How imminent we were,
Yet how remote
Like paper, and ink...
It's eating me alive
Devouring me, munching on my flesh,
The realities that dawn in my mind
And the game it plays
With me...
Making me think, once more,
How similar we were,
Yet how different,
Like a white knight and the black queen...
It's mocking me
As I'm realizing, and falling, and failing
Realizing realities
Falling into trenches of disappointment
And failing in raising up,
As I lie there, stagnant and numb, wondering,
How close we were,
Yet how far,
Like oil, and water

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