You must be mistaken, I have committed no sins
Pure as the river that flows with no end
My reflection shows exactly what to behold
A corrupted heart once made of gold
Each memory locked away in the abyss of my mind
Pages of my childhood becoming harder to find
In search for good, I'm drawing a blank
The titanic, considered indestructible, also sank
Where is the yellow brick road? All I see is a trail of tears
Seeing my own reflection in them, I cower in fear
Who have I become? Where am I destined to be?
I've heard its lonely at the top but even misery loves company
Can I change my ways? Can I undo the harm?
Maybe not completely but each minute is new start
A new breath of air, another memory to begin anew
If the beast could grow as a person, shouldn't I be able to too?
The error of my ways is crystal, memories are flooding back
The past is water under the bridge, made of ivory black
And so I walk slowly across, like a baby first standing on her feet
The fog clears and the sky turns blue, as I make my way towards the olive tree

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