Renaissance in blood

Evade me hereafter, evade me with your fears,
Neglect me how much you want.
I deserved you, it is the fact,
But you could not deserve me.
What else I have to tell you?
Maybe some disdaining oath?!
Even my oath could exalt you,
But you've chosen being surpassed

You killed yourself, in the end
And buried the meaning of life...
Put a new grave near the older ones
Which are lying under my feet...
How you knew that I loved graveyards?!
Where all shut up and forget power,
Where all purposes turn to baubles
And all values become children toys...

If even saviors behave like you do -
Regardlessly leaving crusaders in the lurch,
I will break the wings of all angels
That they couldn't reach any sufferer!
After a while, a new grave will emerge,
The deepest one for this strayed poet.
How great it is to hear his last screams
I deserve a higher poetry indeed!

I step on my heart and feel no pain
As I tread, it releases fears like a flood...
The result is a new-born heartless overman
A renaissance in violence, a renaissance in blood...

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