Renee, Renee, Renee,
I wish for you to have a wonderful day.
Filled with joy, frivolity and fun.
Dancing in the rain or singing in the sun.

Not just a day of joy, but a year, a lifetime.
A life you can reflect on and consider sublime.
Worry and stress free,
Days on the beach and swims in the sea.

You can weather any storm,
And grow stronger, your heart remaining warm.
Beautiful, powerful and strong,
I know you will find the place where you belong.

My friend, my confidente,
There is nothing more than I want,
Than to see you happy and smiling;
For the Universe is compiling

A long list of good vibes and energy just for you.
Believe and trust and these wishes will come true.
Smile and laugh, for a problem you share,
People's reactions to it show you they care.

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Key Words : Laugh, powerful, reflect, beautiful

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This Poems Story

My friend is going through a rough time currently Things will get better.