I hate my inner soul the last before.
It was falling from a rope. Lost hope a death glows to show any the many visual infinity set;

When it is alone set as stone the dark with a little battle of light
so cold and gone without a home him to phone a song to her often.
I seek death to me free at peace to be less many but unique best.
I guess I better start revising something's no name gone strange.
My heart is tainted in pain gust away wind malignant my mental state is destroyed.

By brain in vain seeking redemption has come to past bags full of ash holding trash.
I am dead in black back dark inside my tomb
filled with candles in my room.
Dead bitter in my wake fallen apart good afternoon agreed not.
I lost faith red eyes decided it just to say die.
Life is just another day may I?

This is to expect to burn underground in fire never to expire.
Yes extra it is here in tears as a voice exploited freely another soul try deprived
of rights bite expression.
In these height's no air to care well I don't actually
to breathe deep under water sinking that be
plenty out of time.
The dreams just to make reality acceptable for the grind wine and dine.
No it's many ever a luxury cost on to anything for me asleep deep a
mutant speak volumes of words,
but to be free of his sin is absurd.
This is it of paper I don't have much that is green marijuana of course again money in hand.

There is nothing a scene helping ones to feel something that don't have anything.
Broken hiding that went they vanished their prayers gone unanswered.
Spent nothing no one done much one
cave passion dear here everlasting my madness as when I am not laughing.

A bandage kit snapped upon layers of twigs better h stretch gave it bet, the said wolf growl.
Fetch common rally between them my evil when British and me never see compare complete alike.
He does him Reginald death metal teeth incredibly great on a guitar.
Rest yes he does honestly in his sleep Lily riding him through these words
until he release lack of observe passionate she with her red hair.
I like horns wrapped up in a skirt as the succubus I tamed to see those black satin panties.

Saw the Goth's in her brassiere a picture all frame is what? I then fall into the madness that I can recall later purge Kcallia would deserve touched rubbed me reaching.
Out to see to rule see us together berserk ever Lyuarisa would fall to deep
in her belief renegades we are.

For me only pleasing resemble a zombie freaks pale follow the master shadow Rheden That Crow.
Although alone even after brag had to in my own emptiness gladly shown woo who sarcastic habit I have it bad tragic.
Pasted on it in this song into a poem visual moan goes on to these own demons reason.

Lead to wrong by the path latent craft.
Stones suddenly built carries the staff end fit meant savage expert on these poems.
Candid ransack home grown eternal death belch shape ideas I deal with everyday
stiff; a twisted fate without grace.
Help erase the stage I'm misplaced on one frozen state Camelot embrace me say.

She would have eaten until the deep end wait in dry blood erase board.
Baked did mention ramble hate over this life I make print it page.

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