Out of the cold shadows comes a sliver of warmth
Seeking understanding I moved… advancing desperate to reach out
A great effort to seize …..A struggle to survive

Oh to transform… to become unknown
Leaving behind my past no longer myself
Inventing anew to alter my creature

A caterpillar to a butterfly my quest I perform
Fearing to be unearthed a break of my resolve
Leaving the world behind me..absent of my identity

Moving on… moving forward… not to look back
The new knows no truth of what was behind
Untruths allusions little white lies get me through

My person converted to a new shining star
Decades go by as designed and achieved
My long-ago returns to see me renewed
Joyful for me now… knowing I have broken the chains

The past is no more the future will arrive
Time lingers for no one… it cannot be unwound
My star still shines my breath keeps me alive

Struggling no more my beginnings return
From whence I came I have arrived again
Back…back but not to the shadows
Basking in radiance I am renewed

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