Feeling the wind, across my skin, makes me feel, renewed again.
From dawn 'til dusk, I'm out of sight.
Then once again, here comes the night.
Fast and free, is my flight, as I continue on, this unending plight.
I felt compelled, so I had to write.
A message to share, that I cannot fight.
Joy and love is all around. Everywhere you look, it can be found.
It fills your soul, and makes your heart pound.
I am one with the breeze, the trees, the ground.
As I continue on my blissful ride,
there's something brewing, deep inside.
My spirit does not have to hide.
As it fills me up, I release my pride.

In the far off distance, a new future I see.
Something strange is happening to me.
Frightened by change, it often makes us flee,
But, I am not the same person, I used to be.
I have a new purpose, for Truth, Knowledge, and Love.
A vision was sent, from the heaven's above.
Send forth your love, in all that you do,
A change in the world, can begin with just you!
From stars in the sky, to the earth down below.
Unified peace and tranquility, can only grow.
There's love for all, and we are all one.
So free your mind, we've just begun...

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