Repaired Shell

My aura glows with all my heart knows.
My mind feels what this future heals.
Pain & betrayal the past conceals.
With what fate or Destiny deals.
Faith cracks & peels.
Karma reels.
Harmony kneels.
As Envy steals.
Justice doesn't exist or is not real.

My nose is subjected to a stench of death & filth.
Time stands still.
Frozen & unchosen my essence.
Remains a single unwanted presence.
Mutual attraction has no reaction.
Sex has no further action.
Unmarried, untouched, unwanted, & unloved.

Eyes of every color see.
Ears without static are clear.
My mind has no fear.
My heart can not hear.
My voice is my gear.
I speak the truth all & every year.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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