A thousand feelings I buried beneath my skin.
Little did I know that my guard was wearing thin.
I hid our history with a story of death, a love lost long ago.
For me to see your face once more how was I to know?

You left me here with a shattered heart and a life full of regret.
the pain I felt every day, I never will forget.
A thousand mistakes I have made, with no one to tell them to.
I kept them all to myself, because I couldn't tell them to you.

You have failed me in more ways than I can explain.
For so long I was left alone, trying to remain sane.

Now that you can see my face there are a few things you should know.
It's true for some time, I had lost all control.
I picked up the pieces of my heart and chained them back together.
I stored it safe within my mind, where it will live forever.
I channeled all my pain on the very thought of you.
You say that you love me now, but I couldn't say the same to you.
You see, the chains that fixed my heart were made of anger and pain.
the hate I held for you, kept me from going insane.
When you tore me apart, I learned to repair myself.
And now that you're here I'll tell you it's time to fix yourself.
You see, I'm no longer broken and I swear I'll never be.
I'll ask you to walk away because you no longer have a part of me.

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