Evan Huff

Taped memories play on loop
Dizzy spells rewind to the part
Where you sat there in art class hiding your smile
A shy girl coming undone in the crossfire
With the want but no power to pause
Before falling apart

Your drawing of the perched crow
Gave me bad dreams then
Made sweet inside the purgatory of repeat
I’d still be watching if it wasn’t
For you fading into static
Your voice, charm, being relapsed
Glitching, contorted

When the bouquet falls and your friends parade
The cake can cover only so much smile
Uneasiness of burying your love cold
In his promise of security and normalcy
I sit and rewind and rewind
Last thing tethering me to you

Regret resides underneath the pillow
Made easier by an overflowing glass
We think of what we wanted and not what we are
Killing to escape the dredge of the early tape hum

Tape is brittle
The neglect is natural
What was thought to be there forever
Captured by frail recollection
Reminders and unresolved imaginings
Corroding until it finally fails
No longer there

Fade to black screen and the reflection
Of an empty gaze that stares back
Washed out by static and years wasted
Watching over and over again

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