Ask God to forgive me for all the wrong i done
Cause he know it ain't easy me being my mamma's only son
Pains i witnessed changed me from a boy into a man
Ask him to give me guidance and wisdom cause i don't understand

these are the words from a father going to his son
Stand up and be a man don't be do quick to run pick up a gun
Just like Jesus J'Siyha cause your my only one
Hope and pray everyday Before i pass to see what you'll become

To my mother loving you like no other
missing all of you kisses and hugs before tucking me in the cover
Raised me to be independent and always wear a rubber
Never expected to see the day you'd wish you had another

And to my father your the one i despise
For all the times i'd cry myself to sleep and fill my heart with lies
My only son my mother and father i leave you my goodbyes
we born to die so i'm asking don't cry but that you live your lives.

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this poem is everything i hope to accomplish while expressing what it means if i don't.