An unexpected infectious disease the ‘CORONA VIRUS’
came as the globetrotter to us.
The Corona virus not being an epidemic
sets out to be a pandemic.
This disease being contagious,
made the authorities ambiguous.
That led us all to a quarantine,
started out as clandestine.
Authorities resisted it through their hardship,
and the media didn’t use censorship.
Then Mother Nature started to heal,
which offered us the daily meal.
Quarantine taught us how the caged creatures feel,
as they were often made to kneel.
Most of them were adhered to cookware
while the affected took care.
Several people realised their inbred talents,
which made them proficient equivalents.
Some were busy with classes and work from home,
that occluded them to roam around in ‘ROME’.
We have yet to find its enemy,
with which we could flee from this agony.
Our fight will not be in vain,
because someday this adversary will be slain.
The virus which has caused many countries to lockdown,
soon will be destroyed ,so commence the countdown.

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