Repress and Fade

I've got so much sadness inside me
Oh God just please let it breathe
If I can't cry I'll feed tears to nothingness
To the void of sorrow in me

They take and they take things away
Though I'm fighting to stay in one piece
But the voice in my head's getting louder
So I can't seem to get too much sleep

This pen flowing fast is my savior
Ink spilling on paper like blood
These dark thoughts I harbor inside me
Are getting darker than I know they should

My feelings are hidden under years of fog
And I don't know if they'll com back
These things that I'm wishing will break me apart
Until every inch of my heart turns black

But it doesn't beat much anymore it seems
Giving in to my pleading voice
My heart is on empty and I'm all alone
And I don't want to give myself choice

So I'll sit here until my heart burns away
Until all that I am is lost
My fear to be fading is fading away
I already was a ghost

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