I wish another day for you
Out the way
I break the shade
Walk through rain toward
The fellow with the Cain
Speaking wise words for you
I'll be there
You'll all stare
Wishing it was for you
The good in all things
The root in my veins
Masterpiece of my heart
An to the crowd I must sang
Everyday in between
You be my Nubian queen
Motherland of the lost
But I follow my genes
Never has a day past on by
As I was missing
You listened
As I flew on out
Cause my mind was the clouds
My Image the sky
My age was a number
Never withered with time
You speak on my past
But you had one too
Everyday was a fight
Every night was a truce
I remember them bars
I envisioned them scars
My mind was livid
My heart was blacker than tar
Left on the side of the road
Cause even when it rains it pours
I was your reality
A dream you'll never know

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