Reptile Evolution

By Caleb   

All I see is us—
empty things to put things in, to collect for no reason,
not even to look at.
All I see is you—
an empty thing to put something in, to collect for some reason—that I just care to look at.
All I see is it all—
everything to put most things in, to collect just to be collecting and to throw us a way,
no matter how the day has gone on,
no matter how the night evades our solemn and wholesome grasp.
All I see is it all—
that is something I know that will never ever last.

I'll tell you what you see.
It's the edge of a wavy ocean,
believe me, there are fish there.
It's the sky—
look up, so you will see that everything is there.
It's the dirt on the bottom of my shoes that you chose to research and here is the rest of the year—
Cannot you see that you don't care?
I mix you up because you did that to everyone,
And all of your messages were nice hellos that you chose to say all wrong.
All I hear is us
taking turns and grunting at each other—
making fun of mature things that should have seen the light of any way.
All I see is you,
each and everyday—
with nothing to say except good night,
and it lingers with a meaning of its own.
Your great play with words is one long endless song—that you sing—and that is all I see—you getting away.

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Reptile Evolution is about eluding possibilities.