Truth in vulnerability. Leaves me breathless.
A sleep from which I cannot awake.
From the depths within my soul, you entrance my senses.
With every assiduously articulated declaration,
Gliding from within what concurrently strengthens and cuts me down,
I suffer uncertainty.
Exposed by love.
Indignation, fueled by Old Forester, is where we live.
We strive to break the cycle. Coming up for air momentarily,
The malevolence grasps our unyielding umbras;
Again we sink to the depths of derision.
Escape will elude us.
Our aim is abolition. Further carnage devoid.
Our demise is imminent. Until...
His eyes.
Hope is in the deep blue,
Only else experienced in the earliest hours of a summer day.
It is here I find comfort. My defenses frozen.
His touch;
My relief.
I am home, reunited with my one true love.
And he with his,
The only of us whom does not posses the ability to leave.

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