Requiem for a Century

The pungent smell of death and decay surround us.
Our century tearfully drags it's chains of misery and
decadence into a black oblivion.
A last terrified, wide eyed glance is heralded with the
flash of cannons, echos of gunfire and screams of dying souls.
Where there was light, voices mumble in the dark as apostles of
God peer from prison cells, perpetrators of foul deeds.
Satan smiles with each new slot machine watching people feed his
flames with their meager reserves as parents with no remorse kill
their crying babies, silencing life..
Man flounders in self-perpetuated pollution, standing neck deep in
sewage looking for new worlds to save him...
Leaders make a mockery of justice and morality with no fear of God
nor man or troubled conscience, cloning himself, by passing the
Television slithers into every eye and ear transforming minds to do
its bidding just to make a buck..
We watch as terrorism invades our lives,reducing democracy to ashes.
Our century,it's reign over,weeps as it slowly turns with bloodshot
eyes and trudges on into darkness, deaf to the cries of the new born
millennium,as we whisper,
Goodbye old friend......

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