This type of resentment will kill,
because I believed for too long that what we had was real,
I gave you my heart I gave you my trust,
who knew you would let everything we had combust,
I was so stupid I was so blind,
not to see that you'll leave me in time,
you made up your mind to leave,
is this the way it's really suppose to be,
do you really not want me, a girl so loving a girl so pure,
what makes you really sure,a love so true with only eyes for you,
commitment so committed,
don't tell me you're not tempted,
one girl is worth more than a thousand hoes,
I can show you things they can never show,
if you really wanna leave then there's the door,
I can tell that I'll miss you more, in the future you'll regret it,
always remember that I said it,
you left someone who would always stay true,
never forget, I really loved you.

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