This melancholy, it burns
Throw my ashes in the fire
This hell has trapped my soul
This monster, this liar
I'm friendless, yet loveless
I'm broken, so lonely
It's me and my self
And I cannot hold me
Happy, content
It came and it went
This pain my words flow
So deep I need to vent
The reflection staring back at me
It's something I can't be
Evil eyes that I see
Must be my enemy
I found her but lost her
This time she's not the same
Such envy that I sense
She runs from all the blame
I watch her struggle in vain
The fog is thick but clearer
Blinded by my demons
All that's left is smoke and mirrors
Hatred in her eyes
But in my heart I feel it too
She loathes me because I'm her
She resents me because it's true.

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