By 10   

I tried to Talk ,speak up be loud and clear
tried to Smile be happy tried to laugh so hard like I'm crazy
tried to do less , sleep less think less
tried to make friends ,have friends be a friend
tried to go out , go to the party like a mess do the mess be the mess.

I tried to be an open book, tried to share pieces of me to the road
tried to be kind , show kind sometime
tried to believe in love , feel love , be loved
tried to take a risk ,taste the adrenaline moving inside my body

I tried to care more just to talk more.
but the more i care the most silence i hear.
i tried to control this endorphins but this shit keeps on knocking.
i tried to read the clues but i cant find so i feel tired now I'm going back from the very start.

I tried to try the sky looks nice what a beautiful sight from now on lets do the reset .

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