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Crowded people surround me


Trying to fix our problem

Surround me

Surround you

Trying to push me and you in the ground

Hold on

Try to hold on to my hand

We are the cancer

We end up with it

Deal with it

Laying in your death bed

Wondering why

Wondering where it all went wrong

Wondering what lies in the future

Problems surround us

People are trying to much

People are dying to much

Trying to hold on to each other

& yet arguing at each other

We just got married!!!

Congratulations, you just got divorced

Shouldn't have cheated my friend

You will be dancing alone

Until your end

It is like an emotional break down


I've seen it

You've seen it

Moving on..

Words for words

Actions for actions

Words cause us to become actions

Nothing more than a punch or a click away

Voluntarily we do this, step up and see

We are the mess in the street

The water bottles in the ocean

Just swimming along the current

The smoke in our lungs

Trying to breathe

We are the prostitutes roaming the dark alleys

Will it change? Will we change?

We change but we don't change

Politics say more " Change "

This rising into our gullible ears

We are strangers roaming like cattle

Getting ready to fall soon

You can't live until you play

Hope is used to much in our mouths

Lies running off our tongues

Just speak our truth

Let us pray, Amen

We are the evidence of a messed up "truth"

We are the fossils of the 21st Century

People come & people go

Society is the biggest decoy

Subjecting us from actually living

Instead of getting into our "protected" cars

Driving to an endless existence

1 more mile until your in debt

Getting angry at the ones we love

And being depressed by the ones we lost

We could actually become something different and normal

Instead of sex addicts & cancer patients

Until you just vaporize away

I would rather go insane by knowing the truth

Than be " Normal " by living a lie

Peace will always be hiding in a shell under the earths crust

Waiting forever to be cracked open by a stranger

Hoping, Living that you can find it someday

Your lost my friend, forever lost

I sincerely hope you don't go finding it

Trust me

You will stray away & become insane

Like everyone else

They say that time is all we have

But what is it about time we don't understand?

You end up in debt by shopping for useless needs on credit cards

Were yelling way to much we can't hear our conscience talking

Or reason Trying to comfort ourselves with big screen TV's

& useless IKEA appliances at the end of a hard day

Just try to calm down & shush

Think outside the box

Think of what is helpful

Not wasteful

Try to act more human

To much attitude lately

So careless & ungrateful we are

It is to condescending

Going to work & thinking of ways to spend money when they get money

Writing out pointless papers & forms

While someone is getting robbed

Scribble signatures on checks made out to people who are in charge of you

Upside down world Earth is

What society is i call "crazy"

With a capital C

You be the judge of what you see

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