he told her her scars could be removed
by time and medication;
and she let him because his touch was addictive.
he told her that exercise would help her body grow;
and she let him because she
didn’t know how not to listen.
he told her her smile could be fixed with money;
and she let him because she yearned just to please him.
her voice needed work, her skin too rough,
her acne was showing, her lips not enough,
and she listened because she thought that was love.
she tells her her scars are a form of art
she shouldn’t be shameful of,
and she rolls her eyes in disagreement.
she tells her her body is a map for her soul;
a creation of purity; and she laughs because
she cannot believe it.
she tells her her smile is radiant and beautiful,
and she blushes; shakes her head in amazement.
her voice is angelic, her skin is perfect,
her acne is human, her lips are gorgeous,
and she hesitates, because this reshapes her idea
of love.

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