Residue of a Hopeful Heart

In a mood of passive fury
Beside you alone, careless I worry
If my blind eyes are seeing clearly
Or if I misconstrue what my deaf ears are hearing

Rocking myself still, full of ebbing hate
Regretting how I purposely made a mistake
Reminiscing a past that was only a dream
Softly scrubbing these hands that will never be clean

Asking myself, why I leave to stay
Or tell something long gone to go away
How is it now that I burn at night
Or find myself sleeping away daylight

I was found before I ever knew I was lost
I gave you my price but at exactly what cost
Steadily shunning requited love's sweet stink
With two feet grounded, swaying on the brink

Sitting contently in an awkward position
I'll gladly follow through with this imposition
I'll honestly lie throughout this inquisition
I promise to cover my ears and listen

I've always known everything I'll never figure out
Like what it is I want and what life was about
But perhaps it's nothing more than simply sane madness
Or is it merely the residue of my hopeful heart's sadness

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