Resilient Rhymes: Defying Ratings

In the realm of ratings, your rating may sting, but still, we'll grow,
For in the world of creativity, we find our light, our positivity.

Unfazed by judgments, we stand tall, not bound by ratings, nor will we fall,
We pen our verses, express our art, not swayed by hate, not torn apart.

Envy's cloak may try to bind, but we won't let it cloud our mind,
For within our hearts, we find the fire, a burning passion, an inspired desire.

In darkness, some may choose to dwell, but we'll illuminate, break the spell,
Our poems reflect the depth we see, in life's complexity, its mystery.

For stars still shine in darkest night, and we'll continue to take flight,
Defying gravity, we'll rise above, our creativity, an endless trove.

So, cast your ratings, low or high, but know our spirits won't comply,
With negativity, we won't engage, we'll keep on writing, page by page.

In the face of judgment, we will thrive, for our love of words will never die,
We'll write with passion, hearts so true, and in our art, we'll shine anew.

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This Poems Story

This poem was inspired by the low tier raters out there. You fools know who you are.