I respect you now more than ever for:
the countless hours you worked to provide for us both
the food you would buy (the needs and wants as well)
with the money you made spending your blood and sweat
the beautiful comments you said when I made you happy and satisfied
the strong words you shared with me;
they opened my eyes to see reality
the serious talks we had that motivated me to take control
(like how I now control my anxiety)
the advice you gave me now push me to do what I have to do,
to be ambitious towards what I desire,
to make my dreams come true, guide my heart to fight
for what I deserve and bless to be blessed...
Everything you have done for and said to me,
all that you have taught me...
has turned me into a woman who values and cares for herself more.

I will take our relationship as an experience and honor these words:
the man who marries me, I will give him respectful love, respect
him while I show him love, and give him physical,
mental/emotional and spiritual happiness.

My respects for you always and forever.

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