Respective Soldier

As you dedicate your life for us
We know the hurt you encounter, but in you we trust
We Americans watch through the red, white, and blue
Although we will never understand the view
You probably fight in a foreign place
Just to return at night to your military base
The reason we stand up for you
Is because the time for respect is overdue
This battle was fought for freedom
And you have determined it needs to be done
You, my soldier, are a true hero in my eyes
And I will always picture those goodbyes
Are the most heartbreaking sight
You gathered your tears and things for your fight
As you touch down on foreign ground
The repetition of shooting makes your heart pound
You eyes flutter, wishing you were in your bed
Tears run down your face as people around you are dead
The sandy dust fills your lung
And you will not stop until the final shots are sung
As you lie with insomnia in your bunk
The reality in your head has sunk
This is the nightmare you are living
The final service of life you are giving
Dear soldier, I am sorry for your debt
I hope we may never see the last day
For in our hearts and lives, you will forever stay

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