Response of the guilty

There is no more wolf in me… fangs stolen and re-purposed… bullet shells tearing it's flesh… its ribs sticking out sickly-- humans took this wolf from me and won't stop at just that.

There was a fox in me… faded away in time with its habitat… plunging over into the earth that was killing him… a new predator sneaking behind, it's lurid fingers clawing and taking… it's gotten used to that... taking.

The hog is dead within me… tied up and dripping out… belly gutted and heart long gone… tusks scavenged, skinny bodies disposed of… the wilderness is wasteful, the creatures selfish.

There is plastic in me… the fish more pliant than the substance itself… the blue water gates blocked, circling with black bubbles… land is just as damned… the fish no longer swimming, but floating beside their brother.

There is sawdust within me… trees bleeding out with every fallen limb… the baboons vivacity no longer in touch… eyes closing with a sting of chemicals, hearts stopping with the swirl of oil.

The fire is ablaze in me… the mountains the Eagles used to spread their wings over are no longer white with frozen tears… no morning dew dripping off the crags… heat burns their feathers, turning us all into the dust we once were.

The zoo, it has been stolen from me, my ribs broken and rotted, my head gone with the rest of the world, my heart dried up without a beat--- the man, woman, child within me have been chained in a burning earth: drained hope: sitting death ridden in a cage-- I was the keeper of the zoo: now I lay amongst the bones of my animals: soon to be me.

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