How it could be this way?
Everything blank, everything unclear,
Overwhelming burdens
are crushing me.
I rummage for a way to get out
from this eternal cage,
but where is that light?
I just want a break
or I just want some peace.

Surrounded by brightness
Feeling protected and warm
rise me up to have it again
and, please, never let go of my hand.

I'm seeing my image vanishing
Spoiled piece by piece.
I don't want to fall asleep
But I can't help it, God
I need a way to recover
from this unseen stab.
How can I go back to
when I really loved and was truly loved?
Never, while I am awake?

Silence and joy are wrapping me
I can only close my eyes
And live in perfect peace
Rise me up or I'll drown in the river.

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