Rest in Peace Dad

Don't fear the unknown atomsphere.
Who birthed thee earth?
The devil or god's work?
A mental nervous breakdown of complete beserk.
A heart unwilling to be broken.
Refuse to get choken.
Second hand smoking.
Forever always hoping.
You were a scholar of wisdom.
Mom thought you were a bum.
Just because money you didn't have none.
She is stupid, blind, deaf, & dumb.
Dad your absence made me sad.
Each other's company we no longer had.
Her divorcing you was wrong & bad.
It made me angry & mad.
The old bitter hag is glad.
You were a good man.
You used to drive a white van.
The old crone kicked you out, & had you banned.
She still screams & shouts.
She is the one who should've been banished.
To disappear & vanish.
You didn't own your own land.
But you were always willing to lend a helping hand.
He never had many plans.
Arizona was where you ran.
I guess the she is both someone we couldn't stand.

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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