Rest My Love

Here I sit watching you sleep
So sad am I that you are sick
All the times you watched over me
From my first memory you were there.
Time and nature hover over you now
How unfair is it when you were always able to cure me
While I stand by you unable to help
Here I am for you now, in your time of need
My feelings are of weakness and helplessness
I can't give you a hug to stop your pain
No soup will cure your ailments
I cry as I pray for you
Is it right I wish for your suffering to end
Who is to judge when life is full
Will I spend the rest of my days regretting
Or be glad you are free to sail the clouds
Understand, my love, I wish only for your freedom
No frail body to restrain your spirit
The gift of flying with the angels is what you deserve
Your time here is complete
Rest my love and join those whom loved you years before
And watch upon me once again..

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