As far back as I can remember,
You’ve possessed a burning in my being,
The fury of pride,
The fervor of determination,
The dissatisfaction of ambition,
All through loathing!
Because being wroughts strife,
Because although love doth go a long way,
Its armor only shields from the conflict it necessitates,
Because of all of the things worth having when taken away
Were never worth more than mere stature,
Because no more will I suffer the indignity of clamoring for position only to have the rug pulled from beneath me.
Because the measure used for success is not what brings joy,
But ironically what leaves one wanting,
All my burning through loathing,
Because there must be more,
More for one intrinsically born for greatness,
Yet stifled by circumstance and self,
There must be more lest I be clouded by wonton urgency,
All my ambition turned to utter chaos,
Descending into madness,
All my burning now amiss,
All my burning through loathing,
Because for all of these words I am simply weak and scared.

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This Poems Story

In the poem I explore the tension of grandiosity and ambition coupled with how reality is juxtaposed against our desires. In a word this is a poem of dissatisfaction.