They say Jesus died and then he rose again
I writing what I feel through this pen
and every day I sin but I'm rappin about what I hold with in
and I'm at the bottom but I'm on my way to the top
this music, I'm never gunna stop
and I may not be the best but I no that I'm blessed
and I feel my savior in my chest
and I'm just a kid from the south-west and this FAME I'm obsessed...
I've influenced young minds
been drinkin and smokin between those lines
got so much on my mind
yea and when you say I never had what it takes
that's when you made a mistake
I may sometimes get out out of breath
fearing death,
forget taking a break cuz now I'm wide awake
I'm day dreaming swimming in a lake
and every day I get called fake
and the grounds moving from under neath my feet
like a earth quake
and on Jesus last day his body was at a ache
and now my body feels free and so does my lord thee......

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