I'm remade.
The burden of the cross
Selfishly imposed upon my innocent shoulders
Broke into my rib cage, buckling my sternum.
Windpipe crushed by the noose, the relentless threats
Against my right to liberty, safety.
A heaving, crying pulp
Of degraded flesh, bone, blood, and marrow.

Defeated, I destroyed what was left.
In the stillness, unearthed my presence.

So I helped myself gather up the atoms.
Became my own artificer,
Machinist, and technician.
Resolute to repurpose each solute,
I was architect and mother
To remodeled neural avenues;
Each new synapse a new leaf
In an evergreen forest of my own creation.

I redefined each element
To reconstruct a self in the divine image
Of a sovereign soul,
Autonomous, Independent,

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