Retalliation Is A Endless Cycle

I can see.
Behind your eyes are real
but, your heart don't want to coincide how I feel.
There is a lesson, to every mess-up.....And
are screwing up are blessings.
I can't say I'm no saint because, I will faint
if those lies will arise and turn into a expected surprise.
I love you however,I plan to be with you forever.
I guess time will tell, if you can remember
that this turmoil can hardly be forgiven.
But they say marriage is a lifetime.
Might as well get it right.....Right?
Since I don't typically rhyme
and, I try to pretend I'm fine.
But, hoping you realize
I want you to be only mine.
So baby,lets shine.
We can be the Stars
and leave to Mars
since its not too far
because, your the only one that has my heart
and I know that you are smart
enough to figure out that us being apart
is not apart
of Gods destiny.
He says it has to be all or nothing.

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