What do we wish for?
Money, stature, respect, admiration.
We live in a society of what if?
Can we change the dreaded past we have created for ourselves?
Unfortunately we cannot.
We move forward in this rapid paced world we live in but we don't see what is around us.
Days go by and turn into weeks then months.
Do we keep score of what we did in the past or are we just too busy in our lives to stop and smell the roses?
Where did I get lost along the way?
Friends have passed and life goes on.
How do I move forward in everyday life and not feel the guilt that has accumulated in my heart?
Was there a way I could've spent more time with family and friends.
I clear my mind and see the beauty that surrounds me.
My eyes have a fresh outlook on the world and I yearn to make the best of it.
How many years are left and what will I do with my precious time?
Please guide me in my choices to that I will not disappoint myself.
It's still not too late to make amends.
I choose to make the best of this ever changing world we move through. It's tough let's not pretend.

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