Return My Colors

Remember the time when the world felt so simple?
Only thing we had to worry about was each other,
But now we've complicated our lives with this love.
Each day is a brand new struggle to stay together,
Running in opposite directions from this reality.
To only find ourselves sleeping alone during the night.
Open my heart, please, to accept you into my world.

Make me remember the reason why I fell so deep.
Obtain my trust by giving me a reason to smile.
Rekindle the spark that burns deep in my soul.
Allow me to speak your name with confidence once more.

Can't picture myself without you by my side, yet
Others keep telling me to let you go from my life.
Can see the future with you, except I'm scared of this.
Instead of being happy, I'm bringing myself to sadness.
Now more than ever, I need to stop being afraid.
All I need in this life is you, so please stay with me.

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This Poems Story

This one is based on another poem I entered in a poetry contest. I was trying to challenge myself by following the rules and I hope to enter this in a contest one day.