Return of the Dragons


Return of the Dragons

A fortress of stone to keep the dragons at bay
A sanctuary hidden so the children can play
A tower for watching, a horn sounds the alarm
A signal fire lights, to warn others of harm

Who will dare fight the dragon when his hunger is near
The women and children must not live in fear
With no ears to hear reason, the dragons will come
Dragon eggs will be laid, while our fear keeps us numb

Soon there will be dragons at each of our doors
His hunger breathing fire, we know what's in store
As we hide deep in side, no one cares for the fields
The dragons feast on our livestock while we form our shields

Our bellies will rumble while the dragons they feast
Our hungry children will cry, we must face the beast
Who will don the armor, who will raise the spear
Who's tired of living in hunger and fear

For Every dragon there is a dragon slayer
A warrior driven by right
A protector of the masses
Peace drives his fight

He fearlessly slays his first dragon
To prove it can be done
Other slayers will follow
Other battles are won

We return to the fields
We can now live in peace
The hills echo with laughter
The fear it can cease

God Bless the Dragon Slayers

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