Return to the Golden Days


What lives are important?
I think I know.
All lives have a purpose?
When they are crisp and gold.
Everywhere you go, many dred of darkness and sadness.
Loved ones have no hope.
They devour feelings of regret or sorrow.
They idolize a day where change will happen.
They have dreams of a day where the Georgia flu is put to an end.
We have not won the battle yet, but we must not loose hope.
For their will be a day where brilliant minded scientist will step forth to the rescue.
By using microscopes to identify the tiny bacteria that we as humans have.
With all their power, they will fight for our right as a human race to exist.
For their will be a day that we will be free of this deadly virus.
For that will be a day where all of us can face our potential as a country and nation.
Never again shall we fight in fear.
Soon their shall be a day where we become liberated from the never ending dead.
As we must always believe that a cure will be sent.
For there will be a day where life can be golden once again.

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