Return to Therapy

Almost two months have past, I've been away I am back;
Did anyone miss the endless advice, or hang it on a towel rack?
Focused on obligations and forgot to engage with my purpose,
Ran across a pen to write out the receipt of bills,
yet the pencil's surplus-
The blank paper was used to print out an application
and not a sketch.
A cramp in my hand from the forty-five words per minute on the keyboard, I need to stretch.
They say stress is a silent killer, then should I
already be dead.
No, my strength within can't stop-
determined to succeed
enough said.
Can't be weakened by this bed, so I pray
and wear my smile each day,
Asking God to bless me:please guide me along the way.
Exhausted by all efforts and hard work, need much more in life;
The knot in my back and neck needs to be smoothed
and end my strife.
Am I tired? Sure, that's an understatement.
Won't let obstacles be the death of me.
Skipped the notepad and phone call to a friend
for poetry, a return to therapy.

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