Return Whence You Came

Hark! Dost thou hear me? I have no clue, not the slightest clue of what is wrong with me... I am rude, but I never notice it. I feel as if I should hate myself... I don't know what to do. I am scared and lost. I know the hurricane is gone... but what kind of storms art hither to trouble me? Is this a strong one, or will it be a small rain cloud? Return to whence you came, because I do not have time to dwell or analyze what you put forth to me. Thou art a Demon, so hei back to the hounds of Hell whence you came. Fie! Fie upon all that I can't control... fie upon myself. Dost thou know how to end this, how to end all of this? Can thou helpst me to conquer this Demon that hath controlled me once again? No, wherefore? Wherefore can't thou helpst me to control this Demon? Thou can't helpst me because only the power of the person being controlled can stop the Demon. The mind is much more powerful than one thinks. Mark my words! Only one who truly believes in themselves can actually conquer the Demon whom posses them. He, the Demon, hath claimed many lives with suicide... lucky I gained control and was not one of those victims. I have learned not to conquer or control, but I have learned to try to tolerate and to try to ignore. It works once-in-a-while because sometimes I am the conqueror of this Demon. One day, I will be the ruler of thee. So, Fie! Fie upon the Demon! and Hei back to the hounds of Hell whence you came, wherefore? Because I will be the ruler of thee!

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