Me a fish and you my sea
Your waves washed me
Onto the beach
The birds they came
And pecked my chest
My gills got filled with earthly breath
I gasped and flipped
I flopped and squirmed
My fins went limp, my scales all torn
(We go as fast as we are born)

I looked up high
Beyond the wind
And prayed to have
Just one last swim
The sun went dim
The wind did blunder
Your waves create and swept me under
I gasped again but in reverse
Submersed and cursing every bird
My fins are ripped, I cannot swim
I float along your current's whims
I asked you why you pushed me out
To watch me bleed, struck with a knout
You calmed and said
Simply to me
You are my fish, and me your sea

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This Poems Story

I've always related to matters of the ocean. Return for me was about being in an oppressive relationship. Being so blinded by love and things she did were beyond my control and so were my feelings and my love for her.