What is beneath that tanned lining?
What is it that created such an emersion of my soul to follow?
Follow, I will till the moon touches the sun,
And yet the time is coming.
The arms spin, warning ever warning,
The game is revealed.
I am ready to play.

Yet ready to play, are you?
Has the siren called you in?
Has her smoothing touch, and delectable looks,
Deceived the soul which I once knew?
The world seemed to slow,
Yet I waited.
Until all was revealed.

Quiver, quiver, shake,
The letters had been spoiled, your game had been won,
How better a way to kill your lover?
To spite her in her desiring moments
To ease her into your trap.
Secretly, ever sneakily stabbing under every breath,
Cursing the name until the world is damned
But damned is the world
Until all is revealed.

When the moon falls, the sun rises
And all has been revealed.

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