A beautiful woman, all clothed in white
held pure crystal beads all through the night.
A crown of twelve stars glistened around her head
When the rider came in through the clouds drenched in red.
His eyes were like fiery flames, but gentle like morning dew
He bore the great name of"Faithful and true."
A rose crown of thorns sunk into his head
Soon will be the judgment of the living and the dead.
The battle has begun, thrones and dominions all in flight.
Evil has gone and dispersed in the night.
The beast and dragon will soon be dead;
"You will strike at His heel while He strikes at your head."
The woman and her offspring complete in their armor
ready to defeat the Babylon whore.
Faithful and true speaks, a two-edged sword
The heavenly hosts cheer,"Holy is the Lord."
The battle is won, and world is all silent.
No more chaos! No more riot!
The glorious rider sits on his throne.
The banquet has begun. To all, this is known.
The invitation was sent to you and to me
in hopes that we choose to eternally be free.
A beautiful woman, all clothed in white,
held pure crystal beads all through the night.
The rider will come with power and might.
The rider will come like a thief in the night.

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