I scream through the ash colored sky
the dreams I once had, dashed taken from me
aimlessly I walk through my torn and tattered past
when I try to run away the moon follows close behind
I can’t escape from my overflowing tears,and icy memories
In this shaken, twisted world, I gradually become transparent, unable to be seen.
The sky is over flowing with dark feathers
A raven croaks,the shrill sound hurts my ears
I can tell where it wants to take me
I know because I called upon it
It wants to take my soul to the fiery depths of hell
If Iet him my aspirations will be nothing more than dreams disappearing when I do
I will let him take me
What should I live for
If they are dead why am I alive
No i'm not alive this agony is more like being dead yet still breathing and moving
The only thing on my mind
The only thing I care about
The only thing I can't get without the mysterious raven
People say revenge is sweet but in the end it leaves a bitter taste.

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