Revenge and Justice

Born of a mother.
They say these two brothers,
Are very different.
But are they all that divergent?
It is said one is bad whilst the other is good.
But isn't one born from anger and the other is too?
Revenge and Justice are very alike,
So much that you wouldn't be able to decide
Which is dark and which is bright.
Which is truth or which is lie.

Revenge is the rebellious brother
That leads you on a personal vendetta.
He fuels the desire
To see who did you wrong retire.
Therein a small town, lived a man
Who committed the crime of murder.
Thou victim's brother devised a plan
And killed his brother's murderer.
To jail he went, for taking law into his own hands.
But does that make him feel better?

Justice is the reserved son
Of his mother, law.
He quells that insatiable need
To see your wrong-doer bleed.
In a town there lived a woman who killed someone.
So thou victim's brother took her to court.
In the end adequate evidence couldn't be borne.
Hence, be convicted she could not.
Eventually he couldn't make her suffer.
Does this make him feel better?

In both situations were Justice and Revenge.
Yet neither was able to truly avenge,
The crime that was committed.
I have shown with these demonstrations
That the idea of each brother is a misconception.
Justice is Revenge, and likewise.
They both want to see someone pay for a crime.
Both brothers can be bad or good
It all depends on Law's view.
Mother knows best, she sets the rules.

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The legal justice system vs The moral justice system