You lay there unconscious regretting your life
I tell you it’s okay and pick up the knife
I could help you or leave you as a feast for the mice
But as a bad person either choice is too nice
I pick up the chainsaw and grab a blade
I carve your face like I’m in a parade
The blood is like syrup as it pours from your eyes
I can’t be revealed for I am in disguise
The whole town is watching and they all stop and stare
Out of all of these people not one of them care
You really look funny as your gasping for air
How could I do this? It just isn't fair.
Remember the time you tried eating my flesh?
Well mines rotten now, but yours seems real fresh
I cut off a sliver of your hands and your feet
Cook it in your own blood and feed you some meat
You aren't so strong now that your being eaten alive
Now half of you is hollowed out into a beehive
You lay there unconscious regretting your life
I whisper “Its over, Sincerely Your wife"

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