Reverse Time

I don’t want to be alive ,I don’t want to cry, I just wanna die, I’m so tierd of feelin no worth, I’m so so over this curse, I’m done with this earth why can’t I put time in reverse back to when I didn’t exist or think of your kiss.

I need your attention, without you life isn’t the same. It seems like a never ending game,I feel so ashamed that I rely on you for every little thing I do, but I can’t help that everyday I need you because without you I’ve got no clue as to why I should even try, there’s no point to life.
I want you,I need you but do you need me too?just let me know Because I’m never letting go.
I’ll show you that without you I can not survive I wont to want be alive ,I’ll just wanna cry, I’ll feel no worth and endure the hurt you said I didn’t deserve.
Without out you I don’t wanna be alive I just wanna die you’ll just see me cry because I’m so tired of feelin no worth I’m over this curse I’m done with this earth put time in reverse back to when I didn’t exist think of your name or feel so ashamed for needing you in everything I do.
I want you I need you hope you need me too because with you I wanna be alive I’ll never have to cry I’ll know my worth, you’ll break the curse and give me a reason to love the earth time will no longer need to be in reverse I’ll have your kiss and be happy to exist with you in my life.

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