Most people don't care about politics, instead
Follow the rules, be cool, go to school, you fool
It won't matter what they say, I do my best to overrule the ridicule
And rise to the top of the gene pool
Everybody out there has the same kind of day
Cafe au lait, the driveway, the highway, say hey to your workmate,
Just maybe take a break for Washington's birthday.
I'll break out with an iron fist; to me that sounds communist.
You have to persist for your right to exist.
I don't want to just be a name on a checklist.
It may seem extreme, but I have a dream, we can swim upstream.
We're on the same team against a horrible scheme,
We're in the eye of a typhoon, the Illuminati in our living room-
We're trying to pay rent, the government can't mend what they bent
They just put another dent.

DC's lost all meaning for me, you can see that on TV
Trump's still winning, with Hillary Clinton,
I don't see how anybody can be grinning at all
America's going to fall.
But hey, at least we're going to have a wall.
Remember Wall Street? Everyone's going to feel the heat.
I'm not admitting defeat to smell the feet of somebody really weak.
It won't be long until in the land of freedom, nobody belongs.
Be strong like Vietnam, don't play along.
Look me in the eyes and tell me I'm wrong.

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